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Raise money for NC MedAssist


NC MedAssist Pancakes and Beer 5K is MORE than just the novelty of the pancakes, bacon and beer!   With the funds raised from this race, NC MedAssist will continue to provide access to life-saving medications to our neighbors and friends who are uninsured.

About 63% of people in the healthcare coverage gap come from working households. That means they make too much money to qualify for Medicaid, and just not quite enough to afford health insurance.  For every $200 raised- one more person who can spend their money on groceries instead of prescriptions. It also means one more patient will remain healthy and avoid unnecessary emergency room visits due to lack of treatment- which means lower healthcare costs for everyone! NC MedAssist’s services save North Carolina $74 million annually in healthcare cost avoidance.


Click on a team below to make a donation.

Team information

Lash Groupies

Raised: $2,783.05

Tryon Medical Partners

Raised: $1,222.70

Bissell Beer Runners

Raised: $500.00

Burfield Beer Bandits

Raised: $476.16


Raised: $367.21

Running for Hope

Raised: $307.35

BC Queen City Pour Boys

Raised: $213.85


Raised: $189.79

The Neuro Team

Raised: $132.06


Raised: $114.38

Perspective Health & Wellness

Raised: $107.35

Buff Avocado Run Team

Raised: $103.73

Team Park Crossing

Raised: $54.96

Elliott Davis

Raised: $45.16

TWBC Super Runners

Raised: $39.84

Team Meep Meep

Raised: $39.19

Escape Tactic

Raised: $27.48


Raised: $11.50

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Nov 12 CLE Harrisons Undisclosed amount
Oct 24 Corinne Weber Undisclosed amount
Oct 24 Flowers family $107.35
Oct 24 Naod Sergew ዓመት ዓመት በሰላም በጤና አድርሶ እንደተለመደው አብረን ለመሮጥ ያብቃን ወገኖች። Undisclosed amount
Oct 24 Ben Carver $27.48
Oct 23 Todd Fontenot Undisclosed amount
Oct 23 Maggie and John Keep up the good work! $22.15
Oct 23 Kevin and Jenny Kendrick $213.85
Oct 23 Dr. Allison Burfield GO, Burfield Beer Bandits! $213.85
Oct 23 Tamara Sandiford Undisclosed amount